Hump Day Is For Humpin'

Hump Day Is For Humpin'

Andy Cohen gives up seaweed salad, and hating Kathy Lee.

For four weeks the Chefs in Chicago have been mellow yellow, kumbaya. Well let me assure you that tonight all hell breaks loose... Three fights simultaneously erupt in the stew room. I love the drama of chefs! They get pissed! They have feelings! (Everybody does.)

In other niblets:

** My yoga teacher gave me her headshot this morning, which makes me ponder the eternal question: what is the correct etiquette when someone gives you their headshot? I said "OH MY GOD! THANK YOU!". Is that overdoing it? I don't wanna hurt nobody's feelings. (Everybody has feelings, you know?)

** I loved last night's "Housewives" so so much. Those "Housewives" shows have a way of sucking you in for one reason (you think its a voyeuristic craziness), and then keeping you for another (you start to care about the gals). At this point in the run, you understand the ladies' motivations and what makes them tick. It's also damn funny for some reason. Yes we are taping a reunion and yes I can't wait! What about Ramona!? I am obsessed. And what about the discussion of class and etiquette? Hey -- maybe I should ask Countess LuAnn my headshot etiquette (headiquette?) Q!?

** I am up to date on "Big Brother", so our long national nightmare is over. If James goes tonight, I think that's it for me. I love James.

** I am so furious at Dr. Baten for RUINING green seaweed salad for me. I am an addict. I order it every second I can because I love its candy taste. Dr. B informed me that it tastes like candy because it is full of sugar and salt and that it is from a can. I haven't had it in a couple months and I am jonesing. I am having a Japanese moment with no release. She did the same thing with Splenda. Just ruined it flat out. Thanks, Dr. B. I have feelings and you have crushed them.

** Though I used to revel in hating her, I am oddly happy for Kathie Lee's triumphant return to Morning TV. What about that she got raves in every paper? What about that no one mentioned that she's Asian? What about does Kathie Lee eat that canned seaweed salad, or did Dr. B get to her, too?

** Have a fun day.

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