Hump Day Is For Humpin'...

Hump Day Is For Humpin'...

Andy Cohen shares some Bravo development news.

....And unfortunately I am looking at my calendar today and I have a bunch of meetings, but none of them entail humping! What do they entail, you might wonder.... Well it turns out that there are a ton of Bravo balls in the air and the reason I can't sleep at night is because I am worried that one will drop. Shall I take this opportunity to tell you about them since I got no humpin' to do? OK!

Top Chef is going swimmingly, thanks for asking. Our chefs are better than ever. We have some very high profile guest judges this season and each one has commented to Tom and co. that they're VERY impressed with the cheftestants. We altered the screening process during casting to allow for great talent this year and it worked.

As you've no doubt read, casting for Project Runway went swimmingly and I have a stack of dvds on my desk that will be whittled down and down and down until we have a cast. Reports from the Magical Elves and Full Picture are that the talent level this season surpasses anything we've seen before. If you want to hack my computer there's a huge list of challenge ideas we're hashing over too. All that is more fun than humpin! We're casting ladies for Tim Gunn to remix and remaster for "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." What lady wouldn't want to be remade by Sir Tim??? We're just about through editing the final episode of "Work Out" and it marks the end of a very powerful season for Jackie and Company. The last few episodes will make you weep. They are a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man, Jackie goes home to visit her mom and confront her past, and there's a lot of joy to come with the Sky Lab clients.

Speaking of shows on the air now, post production on "Shear Genius" is in it's final stages and the show gets better and more dramatic every week. I think that show has one of our Bravo's most unforgettable group of contestants -- hairtestants? -- yet. I was obsessed with Tabatha from the moment she walked into casting and I still am today.

I am so excited about a new show we announced last week called "Flipping Out" about an amazing house flipper in LA named Jeff Lewis. We're working on the first few episodes and they are fun, aspirational, and he is some character. I can't wait for that to be done and on the air. What's better than a new season of "Million Dollar Listing"? Humpin'? Maybe, but wait to make your decision until you see the two realtors that are the focus of season 2 of World of Wonder's look into high end real estate porn.

On the other side of the 8th floor, Amy Introcaso-Davis is deep in the land of Paula Abdul and Kathy Griffin, and I hear both of those shows are not to be believed. So I will be watching those with all y'alls. There's more, too... but I'll get in trouble for talking about it before it's "time."

Happy Hump Day!

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