Hump Day

Hump Day

Andy Cohen responds to random viewer questions.

It's a sad day today. The end of Camelot. What a life Senator Kennedy lived, and what a sad way to go.

And there is no way to transition easily to the Bravo drivel that will follow ...

** A lot of you have been posting wondering what's going on with morning reruns of West Wing. I checked with Jerry Leo this morning and you'll be happy to hear that they return on 8/31. So, yay.

** And a bunch more of you posted wanting to know why the ATL 'wives have been late with their blogs. Monica Reyhani tells me they're working with the gals to get them in on time. So there. I'm an ombudsman, see. That's who I am. 

** Tonight, Top Chef moves to its regular time, 10/9c. Can you tell already that the skill level of the cheftestants is, um, supersized?

** Tomorrow night's Watch What Happens Live is another interesting menage a trois: Atlanta Housewife Lisa Wu Hartwell, Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project and Congressman Barney Frank! I am hoping Mr. Frank will still be able to make it given the passing of Senator Kennedy. We shall see.

** We're still celebrating our highest rated week in Bravo history. Talk about making it work!

** Lastly, can I please take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for the general lame-ness of my blogs this summer .... I have been so busy with my day job that the victim has been this space. I promise to get back to the previously only semi-lame blog that you have come to expect from me.


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