Housewives Reunion!

Housewives Reunion!

Andy Cohen's best friend, Liza, dishes the dirt on the housewives.

Oh Lord. I am still recovering. It was a seven-hour Real Housewives of NYC reunion shoot at Cipriani Wall Street. There were about 15 MASSIVE fights, many raised voices, lots of finger pointing, some laughs, and much drama. It will not disappoint.

I poorly scheduled myself to go speak to a grad school TV class at NYU after the taping, then I went by a friend's house, guzzled some Pouilly Fuisse, and went home where I got in bed and watched — of all things — Schindler's List! Whaaa? 

So one of the benefits of being my BF is that I will invite you to sit in the back of a reunion show to watch, and that's where Amanda and Liza were yesterday.

They're both big RHNYC fans, and seemed to lap up every second of it. I asked Liza to blog some of her thoughts for you, from a fan's POV. Take it away Liza!

They are all prettier, and thinner, in person.

Jill looks so much younger in person.

I was surprised that they all had their own "people." For hair, makeup. etc. I felt like I was on the set of Desperate Housewives, not Real Housewives.

Jill and Bethenny whispered and eye rolled to each other like high school students ... make that jr. high school students.

I couldn't believe that in one second they were all at each other's throats, and then on a break they were chatting like nothing was wrong.

Pinot Grigio seems very important to them. Especially Ramona.

I felt like they could dish it out but they can't take it, except for Bethenny.

Kelly kept kicking her leg under the table in a nervous way, and she had good reason to be nervous.

Ramona was getting bored whenever the conversation wasn't about her, and then the second she was in the hot seat she didn't want to "talk about it."

Jill and Ramona are very controlling, trying to get you to talk about certain things when they deemed it appropriate, but maybe it's because they were next to you.

There's always enough time for a touch-up in their world.

Bethenny only had a breast lift?? Hmmm

Above all: Honestly is the best policy. If you lie; youre gonna get caught!!

THANKS LIZA! Watch this space for more on the reunion ...

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