Housewives Make You Think ...

Housewives Make You Think ...

Andy Cohen talks Housewives, soap operas, and vandalism.

Tonight's the penultimate episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County and if you've been thinking the Housewives represent some greater reflection of modern society, you're not alone. Mary McNamara has an incredible thinkpiece in today's LA Times about the Housewives called "Decay at Play in the OC" that characterizes the show as a modern reflection on suburban decay, in the realm of Updike or Cheever. It's an amazing piece.

Here's a sample of what McNamara writes, and I suggest you check out the LA Times for the rest ...

"You can argue that Real Housewives is maddening or delicious, depressing or ridiculous, a symbol of the vapid, mindless consumption that has sunk the economy and scrambled the American consciousness or a tongue-in-cheek takedown of same. I mean, just look at these women and how they're presented, the raccoon eyes and the god-awful fake breasts, the fried hair and yanked-up faces. Are any of them ever shown reading a book or seeing a play? Visiting a museum (for the record, the Galleria is not one), picking up a newspaper or having a conversation about anything that mattered at all? Of course not. These housewives of Orange
County are too busy downing tequila shooters, redecorating their redecorated houses, admiring their cosmetic surgery and wondering why their kids are so screwed up (!) to have actual lives. They embody the moral, spiritual and intellectual anorexia that writers have grappled with for years, but in terms a child can understand. Cheever for Dummies."


I couldn't figure out why the Empire State building was yellow and purple last night. I thought maybe it was a pre-Easter Peeps advert, but that seemed too subliminal, and does Peeps have that kind of money in their marketing budg?   

I thought long and hard and realized that it COULD be a tribute to the actor Phil Carey, who originated the role of Asa Buchanan on One Life to Live and died last week. Maybe his fave color was purple? Maybe not. By the way, Carey's passing comes ONE WEEK after the death of Clint Ritchie, who played the original Clint Buchanon, son of Asa. How weird.

So soaps themselves are dying and everyone around them is too, and this is all very very depressing.  Could Days of Our Lives really be ending Diedre Hall's 30-something year run on the show (and career?) by killing her character, Marlena, off? That's harsh! 

Do you think Lucci is having sleepless nights right about now?I was on the F train to Brooklyn last night and every stop is papered with The Real Housewives of New York City ads.  I looked at every stop to see if any were graffiti'd and detected nothing … until I got off at Carrol Street.


It seems that Jill and Alex were systematically targeted by some Brooklyn Housewife hater who, oddly, spared Ramona and Kelly. What does that MEAN?

On my way back to the city I stood on the Uptown platform and saw a sad thing:


Someone in the Carrol Street area does NOT like these ladies and went to violent extremes to convey that. He should read the LA Times today and have a deep think about it all ….

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