Housewives Gone Wild!

Housewives Gone Wild!

Andy Cohen talks about the premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Tonight is a great one to pop some corn and a bottle of buttery red, grab your Slanket, and buckle up for two hours of fun with the finale of Orange County and the premiere of NYC.

These are not review-driven shows, and I say that this morning in the face of some raves (People, Newsday) and some total massacres (the Post and Times). I almost think the reviews for a show like this say more about the publication and reviewer than about the show. 

Some of the reviews point out that the conspicuous consumption featured in the show is out of date, and I do want to point out that we began shooting the NYC housewives before the economic downturn so you will indeed see —  gasp — excessive shopping in a couple episodes. I know how incredibly distasteful this is to all of us, like grannyporn, but
hold your breath and the shopping will be over.

I've said it before, but I think a lot of people start watching these shows because they think they're trainwrecks and can't look away, and then they're  shocked upon beginning to laugh WITH some of the ladies, or better yet RELATE to one or two of them. It's all good, addictive
Meanwhile, Eli Lehrer sent me a field report from 79th Street station where an angry person put THEIR review right onto a Housewives Subway ad ...

OKEEEEE ... I don't think they're quite "sluts," but will I take your graffiti to mean you won't be sampling the show??

On another note, I had to go to St. Louis this weekend very last minute and wound up changing planes in Chicago, where I listened to a lady bitch and moan about her flight being delayed in Detroit because they took "forever" to de-ice the wings. Um, lady, do you happen to know what happs as a result of careless de-icing? Do you read the papes?

One last thing: Please tell me you're watching "How's Your News" on MTV. Please.

CAB REPORT: I am starting to feel guilty when I go lazy and take a cab to work, but Roy Bukumar's cab made my guilt disappear. Then Roy made the bonehead move of '09 by turning right on 38th to get to 6th Avenue, which jammed us right into Fashion Week traffic and added 10 minutes to the trip. Oh Roy!

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