Housewives Double Shot

Housewives Double Shot

NYC and OC meet up for some juicy Tuesday night drama.

Tonight is a really dramatic OC Housewives reunion followed by episode 2 of RHNYC. We shot the reunion a couple weeks ago over a looooong Saturday afternoon. For some reason, sitting with the OC ladies always turns into a long therapy session that's unlike my time with the NYC or Atlanta Housewives. Is it because the OC gals are not actually IN therapy?

Typically it's fun and hilarious putting your questions in front of our Bravolebrities at these shows. But you were so pissed at Tamra, and occasionally Vicki, about a cavalcade of offenses that it was obvious that this wasn't going to be a breezy, six hour shoot. There was some amount of tension in the air as the ladies were getting made up, and within the first half hour of shooting, Gretchen was in tears talking about the death of her boyfriend Jeff. A while later I noticed that Lynne was quietly sobbing into her hand. You'll be surprised at what made her break down. One of the headlines of the reunion is an accusation that Tamra levels at Gretchen. Here's a taste!

And here are the Blog Awards, chosen for the housewives based on the comments below their blogs.

And I know the comments below my blog are intermittent and screwed up, but I am interested to know what y'all think of tonight's reunion, and about Tamra's accusation. So let me know!

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