Housewives Confess Tonight!

Housewives Confess Tonight!

The OC ladies reunite tonite to reveal some secrets.

Tonight I am hosting the big "Real Housewives of Orange County" reunion show at 9p EST. We taped it two Saturdays ago in LA over the course of about six hours. We went DEEP, people! I have never spent so much time talking about boobs, I'll tell you that much. We talked about a lot more, but it seemed like the convo kept going back to breasts, which is partly my fault. Or maybe all my fault.  Anyway, the women are open and relaxed and fun and emotional. And we went there. I asked them if any of these strong independent ladies were supporting Hillary Clinton. You could hear crickets. Tamra half-raised her hand and I suspect she, alone in the voting booth, might go Democratic. I asked them if there are any black people in Coto that they hang out with and they said there absolutely are and they do. And Lauri revealed something very personal that surprised us all.

I like Lauri. And, more importantly, I like having her next to me when we're taping "Real Housewives" reunion shows. I feel like she's safe and she's fun to have right there next to me. Vicki is a firecracklin' pistol, and so it was great having her directly across from me with a coffee table in between.  Vicki gets into it with the gals! Believe it or not she and Jeana go head to head about their real estate issues one more time, for fun. And we get to the bottom of the question I'd wondered all season: who the hell is Frankie and from where did he come!? Wait until you find out the answer.

I would love to know about what Kathleen is going deep with La Gunvalson. I have my ideas, but I'd love to know. What is remarkable about the "Housewives" is that they are real people who opened up their lives and homes in a significant way, and now find themselves TV stars. It is a unique situation they're in, with people holding strong opinions about the way they live their lives. They have great humor about the whole thing and are ultimately a lot of fun. After hours and hours of really intimate questions about religion, their marriages, heartbreak, vulnerability, plastic surgery, and of course boobs, they left with the same great humor with which they'd arrived. Let me know what you think of tonight's show!

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