High and Low

High and Low

From a book reading to a deep conversation about "Money Can't Buy You Class," Andy Cohen mixes it up.

I was disgusted to wake up to the New York Post's inaccurate, sexist, and mean hatchet job on SJP this morning. I won't value their piece by quoting it or debunking specifics. This piece is just all wrong is the thing I can't get over. Don't believe everything you read anymore.

Last night I went to a fancy book party for my friend Jon Alter's new one, The Promise: President Obama, Year 1.  It was on the Upper East Side and there were lots of smart people there who were asking detailed questions of Jon. I felt like a kid listening to "adult talk," and wanted to tell the room that after Jon was done talking about the internal scuttlebutt of the Afghanstan debate, I would happily answer a limited number of Housewives and Top Chef questions.

The book is getting incredible reviews and I can't wait to read it. On my way out, I ran into my old colleague Paula Zahn, who looks just the same as she did when we worked together at CBS This Morning in the early 90s. She was with her gorgeous daughter Hayley who is now 21 and at Yale. When I last saw the kid she was five at kinderwhatever. I felt old.

From there I went to the NBC Upfront party where I talked extensively with Tina Fey about "Money Can't Buy You Class." I felt right in my element, though I was in awe of speaking to Miss Tina Fey, who'd seen our wee show the other night from the Bravo Clubhouse. I love TV.

I also spoke with Seth Myers about throwing the first pitch. The current thinking is that I SHOULD stand on the mound, even if I am just a couple steps on it. I'd been told by Bob Costas at the Derby not to stand on the mound because I would be too high and the ball would surely bounce. I have since heard that from several folks. Now I am told that if I at least don't TOUCH the dirt I will look like a foolish old wuss.

Tonight, the Novogratzes go to London on an all new 9 by Design. ROAD TRIP!!!

I have to get some work done. I'm on Joy Behar tonight, by the way.

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