Hey Mon

Hey Mon

Andy Cohen is back I am back in NYC after a week of hardcore island hopping in the Grenadines and ready to share some, er, fun stuff.

I am back in NYC after a week of hardcore island hopping in the Grenadines that was a blissed out chillaxfest. Nothing chills me out more than Irie Rastafaride Island Peeps. I asked one guy on Mustique what he was going to do that day and he said "Breathe". Yeah! I think I'm gonna do that today, in fact. This is a jam packed workweek, and there are two ladies performing in NYC this week that I am buggin' about: Dolly and Madonna. I think I gots to go to Smell A tomorrow so I am going to miss both. This is causing me to furrow my brow mightily. I think I will just listen to "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time" over and over and over again - that should do the trick. (I'm talkin' bout Mariah now, kids)

Some more stuff:

** I keep hearing from super smart people that Hillary would accept the VP job if Barack gets the nom and asks her politely. Why did I think there was no way in hell she would consider that? When will this damn thing be over???

** A severe idiot won "Big Brother" last night in the most pathetic finale in reality TV history. I actually think he may be truly retarded, in which case I am happy for him and think it is amazing that a mentally challenged person is capable of winning that contest. I missed the last six episodes and hopped in for the finale, which I pretty much fast forwarded through. I am so excited to never see any of Season 9's losers again, and look forward to a new season in July!

** Is this near naked picture of Miley Cyrus such a scandal? I am more traumatized by the picture of her splayed out on Billy Ray Cyrus' lap. Eeeeeew. I don't need to SEE that! ** Here's an unanswered question: is it filthy to lean your head back against the seatback in a taxi? On the subway? On a plane? The back of my head seems to be magnetized to all 3 places. Do I have lice like the Countess LuAnn's son? What is your verdict on this?

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