Her Voice is Shot

Her Voice is Shot

Andy Cohen comments on Whitney's performance on Oprah and his night at the Dsquared2 after-party.

Unfortunately, it is true. You spend 10 years in a house inhaling coke and you screw up your voice.  That being said, Whitney's voice still is Whitney-esque and unmistakeable and I love it.  But it's shot.

Part 2 of Oprah was another good one (not great but damn good.). I do give it up for both ladies for going there. The highlight for me was the whole Michael Jackson section, but I could've done without Oprah and Whit discussing at length how they simultaneously, but separately, gazed out their superstar up-high hotel suites and prayed that morning for a great interview. OK.

But then she sang that awesome "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" and it bummed me out.  Buy the album, though.

Last night was a fun dinner outside at Morandi with an old pal from England; we ran into Sandra Bernhard, who also has a new album out and is fierce. After that I hit the Dsquared2 party on their roof on 28th street and it was fun, fun, and more fun! We went deep with Bravolebs Kelly Rowland, Tyson Beckford, and Brad Goreski before meeting lots of hot young things and fashionistas and then I spent way too long trying to hook up this Greek Water Polo player (mm hmmm) with Mira Sorvino. It didn't happen and, frankly, he is too good for her.  He's too good for EVERYBODY.

By the way, Dsquared2 are the identical twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten who you'll be hearing a lot about soon. They host Launch My Line, our next fashion competition show that you will hopefully soon be snorting like the fine Coke shared by the Browns. They are fun guys and fantastic designers.

CAB REPORT: It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I was initially so excited to hop into Abdullah Yaqubi's clean, hybrid ride because it looked like as smooth as a flying carpet. What I got was a jaunty, jerky mess of a ride where my knees kept almost jamming into my face. There ain't no legroom in Abdullah's ride!!! I yelled at him for not thanking me for my nice tip, too. Have a good day.


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