Healthy Livin'

Healthy Livin'

Andy turns to Dr. Amanda Baten for some detox advice.

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This morning I am groggy and at a loss for words. I turned to my friend, holistic psychologist Dr. Amanda Baten. I asked her what I should do with myself. "It's the end of the summer, it is time to nourish and re-hydrate because you've had a ton of sun, humidity and a little too much booze," Dr. Baten advised. "Load up on water and essential fatty acids in the form of Omega 3 - 2000 to 4000 milligrams a day. You can get pure, distilled fish oil, which is Omega 3."
"You need to clean up that liver. You've been partying too much. If you do that, you'll also have healthier skin and hair and be ready to go for the fall." "Avoid processed sugar, anything with colors or dyes, load up on leafy green veggies and whole grains, and see if you can do a week without any animal proteins. Just really CLEAN IT OUT! It would be great to get involved with some sort of meditative practice to get clarity and move into the fall. That can be anything - yoga, meditation, walking. You've got mind, body, spirit right there." I asked Amanda if "Big Brother 8" counted as a meditative practice.

"For some it might. By the way - throw some antioxidants into your diet, like berries. Anything really bright." Cool. I wanted to know about coffee. How much is too much? "I think that one cup in the morning of organic expresso metabolizes in a different way. But one cup a day of any coffee is really enough. There are some benefits of coffee but there are a lot of drawbacks. Will you please consider green tea as a pick-me-up? Green tea has a lot of antioxidants and it has a nice stimulating effect."

"You gotta clean up and if you clean out the booze, you won't wake up tired and need coffee all day. Add in the stuff that's good and you'll have less room and desire for what's bad." Thanks, Dr. Baten. Oh wait, one more thing. Dr. Baten wanted me to know that this was advice she was giving to ME and doesn't necessarily apply to all of YOU!

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