He Wasn't Meant to Grow Old

He Wasn't Meant to Grow Old

Andy Cohen remembers seeing Michael Jackson perform with his friend Natasha Richardson on September 10, 2001.

Natasha Richardson took me to Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden. It was a night I'll never, ever forget. All the madness of his face and his craziness and legal mess was forgotten the second he hit the stage. He was, in a word, magic.

Natasha, in her ineffible way, scored tickets smack in front of the stage. It felt like everybody was there and under his spell. His moves were electric. He grunted and thrusted and kept repeating "LoveYoooooo." The crowd would say "LoveYoooooo" right back at him. Back and forth and back and forth. And the music! Hit after hit after AMAZING song, every one a classic.

And so we fell BACK in love with MJ (for about the 100th time). We cheered and screamed "LoveYooooo" all night.  After the show we went to Pastis and talked about Michael. Inside the restaurant, we yelped "LoveYoooo" spontaneously into the air all night. It was a perfect evening in every way, New York City at its best. We stayed out very late, closing down Pastis. We walked out into the latenight, breathing perfect air, and gazed up at how beautiful the Twin Towers looked.

The date was September 10, 2001. It was the night before the world changed forever. My friend is dead. Michael Jackson is dead. The Twin Towers are gone.

Anything can happen, no matter how impossible. Anything. I feel like nothing will surprise me anymore.

The truth is that maybe Michael Jackson is in a better place. Maybe he wasn't meant to grow old. Maybe he really did not WANT to grow old. Maybe he was a very sad person. And maybe now we should just remember his greatness and the music and not all the nonsense. Let's, OK?

Everybody was praying for a comeback. Could it actually have happened? It seemed like everything he touched in the last few years ended in a lawsuit, but he was rehearsing at the Staples Center the night before he died. Could he have had a comeback??? Could it have been?? We'll never know, and THAT'S tragic.

And I do hope we can all give Farrah her proper due (WTF does People mag do for a cover next week??). There will never be another head of hair, set of teeth, and beautiful sunny soul like hers ... Jill Munroe forever.

Feeling pretty grateful to be alive and healthy right about now.


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