Happy Whitney Day

Happy Whitney Day

Andy Cohen talks about Rachel Zoe, The Grateful Dead, and the Daytime Emmys.

The reviews for I Look To You are in and they're pretty good. Seems that everybody's happy about Whitney's return, and everybody acknowledges that her voice ain't what it used to be. There is still a richness to her voice that is unmistakeably Whitney, though, and just hearing her belt it (even in a limited way) makes me happy.

Speaking of belting it, there's a brand new Rachel Zoe Project tonight. I happily saw that Entertainment Weekly mentioned that Rachel and Rodg were (are) huge Deadheads in their new issue. Their wedding song, in fact, was Peggy O. Wow I love that because I am also a Dead Lover.

There was a massive rainstorm all day Saturday and I went very deep with the Kennedy funeral. I still can't get over Teddy Jr.'s eulogy, and it is always a thrill to see all the former Presidents sitting together. When it was over I listened to live Grateful Dead recordings all day, and that made me happy.

I was on TODAY with Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning (an hour after a segment about buying the perfect backpack), which means I had to schlep back from the beach early yesterday to get myself together. And by getting myself together I mean running into the Tom Browne Brooks Brothers outpost on Bleecker Street and impulsively buying a potential fashion-don't sport coat, and then going deep with my DVR.

I caught up on the first few episodes of Mad Men, which was simultaneously comforting and a wee bit boring. (Settle down, I said a "wee bit" boring.) There is nothing wrong with watching a beautiful painting for several hours, and that show is a beautiful painting.

Last night's Daytime Emmys most certainly were the flip side of a beautiful painting. This was the most depressing two hours of television you can imagine. The daytime drama is on its last leg, and so is this show. Usually I take perverse pleasure in seeing the bad daytime fashion and overwrought acceptance speeches, but watching with the knowlege that half the shows were about to get cancelled was more sad than anything else. And seeing my fave daytime stars of yesteryear age before my eyes ain't fun. 

I could go on and on about the 19 ways I wanted to stick a pin in my eye, but it's boring. Let me put it this way: the show took place at the Orpheum in LA on the same stage as the A-List Awards, and comparatively our show looked like the freaking Academy Awards. Will ANYONE air the Daytime Emmys next year? Will they exist??


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