Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday

In a rare move, Andy Cohen stayed in for the night and caught up on his stories.

Susan Feniger puts a smile on my face, is all I can say about last night's Top Chef Masters episode. Oh and so does Susur. I am really digging this group and endlessly entertained by the idea of mega chefs competing in Top Chef challenges. I love that Moonen had originally judged the Quickfire in which he found himself competing last night.

Last night my plans got cancelled last minute so I chillaxed at home with some delish Whole Foods prepared stuff (I am a bachelor), 2 DVDs of upcoming NYC Housewives episodes, and some old Oprahs on my DVR. 

Here's What: some of the NYC ladies go away to St. John starting next week, and what happens is not to be believed. Two big events, over three episodes.... I could say it till the cows come home, but truth is stranger than fiction and for anybody who doubts the real-ness of these shows, keep watching.  We're just not that creative, people. 

I watched Tuesday's Oprah featuring Laura Bush last night and it bewildered me on many levels. She's a sweet, nice, smart, simple?, likeable enough woman. I respect her and I feel bad for presuming she was doped up in the White House for eight years. Maybe she's just simple and quiet. 

She gave a tour of their ranch in Crawford. The land is beautiful and the house is quite simple, and kind of plain. It depressed me a little if you want to know the truth. Sometimes it is better to not see the inside of people's homes. Let me imagine the beauty. 

And Laura's twin girls were on for more than half the show and they're nice and smart, but why'd we have to listen to them for so long? I would've liked to hear more from the former First Lady. Maybe Oprah's producers thought she didn't have much to say? I have many questions for her, and the chances of her coming on Watch What Happens Live are 0, I would assume. I would love it though. 

By the way, tonight I have a doozy of a show at 11p.m. — New Jersey Housewife Caroline Manzo and New Jersey Housewives superfan, and superstar herself, Ellen Barkin. I can't wait for this one.

OK so when I was done with Laura Bush, I cued up the episode with Tara Connor and Todd Bridges talking about their drug abuse and madness. I fastforwarded through every last moment of Tara Connor because I vehemently DO NOT CARE. And I do not understand why my Goddess Oprah cares. Todd Bridges was spectacular, and should've been the entire hour.

Oprah made him read a really graphic  section of his book where he talks about being sexually molested at age 11 by a man. I mean it was really graphic, and he didn't want to and he was crying and I thought it was a bad move on Oprah's point. Kinda exploitative and really uncomfortable and more 1988 Oprah, you know? Anyway Todd is awesome and clean and
sober and it was riveting. And he said he thought he was gay ti,l he tapped Dana Plato when he was 13, and ain't that always the way?

See you at 11!

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