Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

Andy's looking forward to the mishigas and mitzvas and mazels and meshuganahs from Jill Zarin on tonight's WWHL.


Tonight we're on an hour early, at 11 right after the NY Houswives finish raping each other's souls. Guess who's on? Jill Zarin and her mom, Gloria. Oh my lord, this is going to be drama and wisdom and mishigas and mitzvas and mazels and meshuganahs.

Speaking of Mazels, I had one in the form of a great, fun meal last night at Minette Tavern with Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, and Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka. So it was Kelly and a bunch of guys, most of whom are fairly ferkakta fairies. Actually, I don't think any of us are ferkakte.

On Kelly's show this morning she tried valiantly to explain to Regis who I am, but I don't know that he's on the Bravo express. More humorously, he was wondering aloud what on earth she could've talked about at a table full of men. Little did he know (I guess) that we are all pretty much on the same speed. (Mark adapts to situations as needed, but is as machismo as they come.)

On Tuesday night I went to the book party for Jill's book Secrets of a Jewish Mother (read a chapter HERE) at Zarin fabrics. It was a lot of fun to be at the store. Along with the NY wives who seem to be on Team Jill (that might be Kelly and LuAnn), there were a lotta Zarins (I met Aunt Cookie!), Kelly Cutrone, and NJ wives Dina and Caroline. It was nice.

From there I went to the Crosby Street Hotel (love that place) for the 9 by Design premiere party. I love the Novogratz', their kids, their style, and their show. And they're just cool, good people.

This morning I was back in a cab with another barbarian. His name is 85 letters in total. I miss Shonna.

See you at 11!



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