Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Andy Cohen finds out what your fave bravolebrities are up to this holiday

Before we chat about the Atlanta reunion, let's focus on the issue at hand: Thanksgiving. I am off to St. Louis, but before I split town, I called a few Bravolebrities to see how they're spending the holiday. Here, in two parts, is my chat with Atlanta diva NeNe, NYC Housewife Bethenny, Christian "Project Runway" Siriano, and Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos...

Well I am really curious what y'all thought of that Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show and about the premiere of OC, so post away below. I thought the show was amusing, if not a little Springer-esque for my taste.

Random thoughts: I still don't totally know what Kim was sick with or what is happening with her hair, so I can't offer any info on that.

I enjoyed that she said her hair has always been her signature. I just like that kind of self-awareness.

You could've knocked me over with a feather when Lisa went batshit on Kim. The Nene thing I was half-expecting, but I saw Lisa in a new light.

During a break, I referred to Sheree's ponytail as a "switch," which elicited a debate between us about the difference between a switch and a ponytail. Isn't a long pony that's clipped onto your hair called a switch? Am I dreaming? Talking to myself?

I love Dwight. And I love it that the gals were surprised that he appeared.

Real Husbands Eric, Greg, and Ed showed up to support their ladies at the taping.

I will be downloading "Tightrope" the second it comes out. I can't get the freaking song out of my head!

Hey, don't forget tonight's Top Chef Thanksgiving with the Foo Fighters, plus the premiere of Bravotv.com's "After the Knife," where we follow the eliminated chef back to reunite with the other cheftestants in the sequester house.

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