Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Andy Cohen is at an off-site, but shares his Monday morning musings.

Is that really a thing, a happy Monday?

I am heading to a Bravo off-site, which is where a bunch of us go somewhere other than work and talk about big picture stuff and do trust falls and then make out at the end of the day. We actually don't make out. Or do trust falls. But we do everything else you can imagine.

This weekend was great. I feel like I got a lot done and had a lot of fun. So boo, boo. Saturday night I went deep with myself and stayed my ass home with my DVR, catching up on the world.  Did anyone see last week's episode of Glee? Just when I thought it was getting too farcical and dark they hit me with last week's whomper. I just loved 

The Office and 30 Rock were particularly funny as well last week. I don't know how Steve Carrell does it. Padma did a great job; I love what a Top Chef fan Tina Fey is. South Park was especially brill. When that show gets it right, it is inspired.  I also loved Kristin Wig's Kathie Lee thing on SNL. She can do no wrong!!

I am leaving town Friday for a week, and wrestling with whether to read Sarah Palin, Andre Agassi, or Mackenzie Phillips. All are such wonderful authors — it's just hard to know. I doubt I will read any, but I am going to watch the hockey mom on Oprah. I sure hope that Winfrey doesn't throw any "gotcha!" questions her way like what newspapers she reads. That's just mean.

I forgot to blog on Friday, which hasn't happened in quite a while. I literally realized it around 5:30 p.m. and just went with it. I probably would've said that Thursday night's show was fun, that Rachel Dratch is hilarious, and Padma was fun as ever. I can't believe Padma didn't 
think our stick figure depiction of Glitter was funny, though. What's that about?

We taped more calls and questions after the show, and here's both parts of that:

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