Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Andy Cohen had a fun weekend of warm weather, candy, and leftover pranks.

Tonight on Bravo, Christian Siriano is Having a Moment with his brand-new special called Having a Moment. The kid (he is still superyoung) is such an amazing talent, still something of a prodigy if you ask me. His show is on at 10 and features his amazing family and Tori Spelling and his debut collection at Bryant Park.

It was a GORGEOUS weekend in NYC, and it's a gorgeous day too. I'm en route to do the TODAY show with Hoda and Kathie Lee and I am hoping we get to do our segment outside. (I bet we won't but I like to HOPE sometimes.)

On Friday night, Lance Bass and I saw the new Green Day musical American Idiot. Wow. It is an explosion of energy that does not stop for 97 minutes. These kids are MAD and they're SINGING about it. The music is gorgeous. Saturday morning my computer geek came in and installed Apple TV. No clue what I will do with it, but I am bullish. Later, I went to one of my fave furniture stores in Brooklyn and hit a candy store on the way. Thus, I gorged on candy all freaking weekend. I literally have a tummy ache as I write this. Look at the doggie made out of M and M's!

I walked back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge, which I've never done in 20 years living here. It was marvy, and reminiscent of a walk Bethenny and Ramona take this Thursday night. Ramona didn't say horrible things to ME on the walk, but she does to B.


Yesterday I FREAKED OUT on the corner of 14th and 8th Ave. when I saw this poster:


I tweeted it, I called friends, I jumped up and down, and I eventually found out it was an April Fool's joke left over from Thursday. Oh joy. That is just mean, is all.

This morning I watched Elizabeth Vargas sub on GMA. Do we think ABC News will stop laying off all their producers in time to realize she ain't no good? Wow. And they did a segment called "Dancing with the Stars' Moms: How Do they Do It All??", "reported" by their "special correspondent" Cameron Matheson. Um, they all have nannies. Here's what: maybe they should send that dude to a factory and find out how those moms do it? Oy vey it was an irritating morning for me on GMA!


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