Happy Birthday Amy Sedaris!

Happy Birthday Amy Sedaris!

Andy lists the best things about his friend Amy.

Happy Birthday, Amy! It's Amy Sedaris' birthday and I'm in the mood to celebrate! I am a STRANGERS WITH CANDY superfan and she is the most consistently entertaining person I know, or will ever know. Here are some things that I love about her -- besides the fact that she is a comedic genius:

* SHE ROCKS A ROCKING CHAIR That lady will rock back and forth in her rocker for hours shooting the breeze about anything. She paces her conversation in the easy, breezy pace of her easy, breezy rocker. She is not afraid of a conversation full of long pauses. (I have a tendency to run from and fill pauses.)

* 25 CENT SALES Occasionally when crossing Amy's threshold, you'll find a box full of goodies next to the door where she leaves items she no longer wants that are available for 25 cents apiece. Can't beat it!

* SHE TRAVELS WITH AN EGG TIMER Sometimes she might come over and bring a timer with her. She'll set the timer for 25 minutes, put it on the table, and when the bell rings, she packs her things and leaves. That's what I call efficient time management!  Amy is ALWAYS the belle of the ball!

* SHE DRESSES FOR EVERY OCCASION Whether she's wearing an apron (she LOVES wearing aprons) or a ball gown, Amy dresses to impress.

* POLAROIDS FOR SALE Sometimes during a dinner party Amy will whip out her Polaroid camera, take pictures, and sell them for twenty five cents. The pictures are great and you can't beat the price.

* SHE MAKES HERSELF LOOK UGLY BUT SHE'S A BEAUTY Jerri Blank is the crowning example of Amy's masterful art of stretching her face into a knot! She's a beauty who loves a fatsuit and a contorted face!

* CUPCAKES Amy's cupcakes are fantastic, and available for sale at several stores in the West Village. Busloads of tourists wait in line for hours to get treated like crap at the once kinda cute (now dreadful tourist trap) Magnolia Bakery for underwhelming cupcakes, while those-in-the-know buy the real deal on Christopher Street.

* CRAFTS Amy delivers crafty gifts of all shapes and sizes. A lighter decorated in colored paper? Adorable! A colored box filled with Vicodin? Handy! A glass jar filled with colored sprinkles? A sugar-filled cornucopia ready for display in the kitchen!

* SHE LOVES A SWAP MEET In tribute of that, I listed the entire contents of my gift bag from the GLAAD Awards yesterday and gave Andy's Blog readers first crack at whatever they wanted. The emails flooded in! I'm happy to report that in honor of Amy's birthday and love of recycling, we shipped out the following swag yesterday:

* David in Fairfax, VA is getting a Tommy Hilfiger duffel bag!

* Tracy in Bonita Springs, FL got the NYC directions book!

* Nailpolish is en route to Rachel in Brooklyn!

* Morgan in West Des Moines, Iowa got some CDs and a swim cap!

* Bridgette in Omaha will have glossy lips with her new Stila gloss!

* Celia in Chicago gets Redken shampoo and Garnier Conditioner!

* Sarah in Oshkosh, WI won the big prize: Clinical Eye Lift!

* It's Fruictis Shampoo for Deanne in Tawas, MI!

* Bellevue, WA's T Nguyen got a tin of Liquid Stevia!

* Adjoa in Baldwin, NY got a cd!

* and there was nothing left for Ben from Buffalo Grove, IL so I gave him two cds from my own shelf!

Enjoy the loot, kids, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!

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