Hamptons Round-up

Hamptons Round-up

Andy shares his weekend war stories.

The Hamptons last weekend was pretty much as expected. Sam's Pizza is still my absolute favorite anywhere. There is a frenzy over the limited availability of East Hampton non-resident beach passes and I expect to see them turn up on eBay for an insane amount of money.

Saturday Bruce and I ran into East Hampton to get some supplies at Scoop and the town was a total madhouse. Bruce's eyes were in spotting mode, thus he pointed out Katie Couric, and we ran smack into Ellen Barkin. Then Bruce spots Miss Dina Merrill (buying swimsuit for grandson?) with ease. As we pulled into the Palm, I noticed a jumpy guy with an Atari t-shirt yapping on his bluetooth. He looked enough like Top Chef's Dave Martin to actually BE Dave! He brought me to Lee Anne, who reported that the two of them were staying with Cynthia and party-hopping like Top Chefs ought to.

Things seem to be going great for our Top Chefs. Dave reported that Cannes was a complete blast, and he also went to St. Tropez. He said he was shocked to be recognized wherever he went. His biggest news was that the Olson Twins have taken a shine to him and that he dined with said twins in NYC on Friday night. I think that Dave + Olson Twins = magic! NOW who's Top Chef?

Saturday night was Sandy Gallin's birthday extravaganza, which did not dissappoint. I wasn't invited to blog so I won't, but I will say that thousands of candles lit up the whole place and that I reconnected with my old pal Bryant Gumbel, who looks very "vintage Today Show" these days. Sunday I went to the Perskys, where devilled eggs and a warm jacuzzi awaited. A cold Greek Salad and some fresh and lively Rose got me really in the summer Persky spirit more than anything. They adopted a cancerous deer with inflated cheeks, like Dizzy Gillespie, over the past several summers. They call the deer "Dizzy" and it is an omnipresent topic of conversation. Last summer, Liza made Dizzy a personalized bowl at that pottery place. Unfortunately I don't think the bowl is going to get used this summer because that poor deer has not made an appearance yet. Oh, dear.

The rest of the weekend was sandy, beachy, blurry, and fun.

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