Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens

Andy Cohen gives his take on the new HBO movie.

Last night was the premiere of the HBO film Grey Gardens which you already know was first a classic documentary by the Maysels and then an OK musical (sue me, gays) on Broadway a few years ago. This version is for HBO and written and directed by Michael Sucsy with stars Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. And let me tell you that I freaking loooooooved it.

I gotta back up to say that unlike most of my gay brothers, the documentary was not love at first sight for me, but upon a SECOND viewing years later, I was IN. Sometimes crazy takes two viewings to fully be appreciated (see: "Real Housewives.") 

Clearly Director Suscy and the cast had so much respect and love for the doc and the ladies, because their film is layered and funny and sad and happy and kinda perfect. It fills in blanks before and after the doc and recreates many of the scenes that are now camp classics. I can't
underscore how brilliant Barrymore and Lange are, and the packed Zeigfield Theatre burst into applause throughout the film, which almost never happens at a premiere.

Now I have to watch the doc again. And again. 

It was a rainy crappy night last night (it is a very April showers bring May flowers vibe in NYC) and so the thought of the jam-packed party at The Pierre made our boners go away so we stopped at the Monkey Bar around the corner for a drink and wound up at a teeny booth with a
lovely warm meal. 

This morning was all the makings of a NYC tragedy. It began with a no-hot-water-in-the-building surprise for me — always a cause for celebration — and then a whore's bath, caught in a rainstorm looking for a cab, late for coffee with an agent, and then walk into my office to
find Kathy Griffin on my couch. Joy!

And it was a fitting start to the day because tonight, indeed, is Kathy Night on Bravo. We begin with Sir Tim and I hosting the A-List Red Carpet show at 8:30/7:30c, followed by a HILARIOUS new Kathy standup special "She'll Cut A Bitch," culminating with our second annual A-List
Awards. I am so proud and excited about this year's show and really am anxious to hear what you think of it. It's got a little bit of everything. 

Let me share some of my personal fave pics from the after-party with you.. I love me some Carla and Supermodel Season 1 Casey ...


Here I am surrounded by an insane collection of Bravo ladies! Am I the only one amused to see Sheree and the Millionaire Matchmaker in the same pic?andys-blog-04-15-02.JPG
How much do I love Jeff and Zoila? A lot.andys-blog-04-15-03.JPG
Enjoy the show tonight and let me know what you think, OK??

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