Greetings From Smell-a

Greetings From Smell-a

Andy Cohen on Jennifer Aniston's boobs.

....where preparations for the big Work Out Reunion Episode are underway and going swimmingly. Jackie and all her trainers will be there and we have a ton of questions that you asked. We'll get them answered if it takes all day.

It is a production unlike any other - think back to the wonderful Opening Ceremonies of those wonderous '94 Lillehammer Winter Olympics and you will get a sense of the scale of this reunion production. It is simply that big. It's one thing to joke about the "Work Out Reunion," but I really shouldn't jest about the '94 Lillehammer Olympics because I was there working for CBS and it was akin to how you might imagine a slavedriving work camp. But worse. Tonya Harding, slave of Jeff Gilooley, had it easy in Lillehammer. Those of us trapped in the International Broadcast Center were prisoners of CBS. We were paid a nickel an hour and worked 22 hour days.

Ok, I have gotten off on a terrible tangent that I will say is a result of jet lag and extended dance classes prepping for the opening number of the Work Out Reunion. (Wouldn't it be funny, by the way, if the Work Out Reunion featured an opening "number"? Well, I think it would.)

So last night at dinner at the Sunset Tower sat Miss Jennifer Aniston at the table beside us. She was looking sublime. I was with a straight friend who really only cares about one thing relating to Aniston and it has nothing to do with her perfect bone straight hair or Brad Pitt or her dating woes.

He told me that, to him and every straight man he knows, the show "Friends" was all about boobs. He said his wife made him watch for years and that he would just stare at the boobs of Courtney, Jen, and Lisa for 22 minutes. He said they wore very tight shirts every week and that the show was most definitely a fashion show of various ways to highlight boobs. He never heard a word of the show. Literally, he just thought it was about boobies. When he put it that way, I paid special attention to our table neighbor's chest and and may I say that it was in spectacular form last night? That's all I am saying about Miss Jennifer Aniston.

Now I am wondering if the galaxy of straight men that watch Bravo are watching for the boobs. Certainly, fans of "The Real Housewives" are served plentiful helpings with every episode. I think "Work Out" certainly delivers on that score, but I am going to check today to see that everyone is wearing a tube top to the reunion.

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