Good Morning

Good Morning

Andy Cohen's hands look huge, and he's loving it. Let him explain.

And it IS a good one. I don't know why I am feeling especially blindingly optimistic this morning, but I'm gonna run with it. (Or, I'ma run with it, if you prefer I speak using "I'ma.")

Maybe I'm happy because last night I attended opening night of "The Pride," a brand new play by Alexi Kaye Campbell starring Ben Whishaw and the adorable Hugh Dancy. It is directed by Joe Mantello and I didn't need to read the raves this morning to back-up mine from last night.  The play is a portrait of gay-ness in 1958 and 2008. It is deep, funny, heartfelt, sad, and beautifully acted. I really loved it.

The party was at the Maritime, which should not be forgotten as a viable venue for a meal or party. (This is me reminding myself.). From there we popped into Colicchio & Sons (Tom had JUST left) for a drink, then to Pastis for dinner. It was jam-packed and we spent a good chunk of time separating the Euros from the homosexuals. We were sorting, really...

Anthony got me a new BlackBerry yesterday and it is so small that I know the Carpal Tunnel will be searing through my joints in the next couple days. The only benefit to this BBerry is that it has a pad instead of trackwheel, and that it's so small it makes my hands look HUGE. (A small price for an ego boost for my sad hands...)

Tonight is a new Shear Genius and I know you'll dig it.  You dig?

Hey speaking of digging stuff, did anybody see the Soul Train documentary on Vh1 the other night? I DVRd and loved every damn second of it. Don Cornelius is the man, and that was indeed the hippest trip in town. I love the theme song and listen to it all the damn time.

I am in an interminable cab ride and my Carpal Tunnel is starting to pulse. (Though my hands do look enormous.). Have a good day.


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