Good for the Jews

Good for the Jews

Andy Cohen reflects on the Zarins' visit to 'Watch What Happens Live.'

I have to say, that "Good for the Jews/Bad for the Jews" game we played last night was quite hilarious. Gloria's reactions killed me.

I need to go on record that I feel horribly that Jill did not get an opportunity to plug her book. I didn't even know she HAD a book! I wouldve made sure it got MENTIONED! I am kidding, of course. I have never heard more shilling of a product in my life. I wonder: does that make you want to buy the book, or burn the book?  

I went for some drinks with Eli at the Boom Boom Room after the (early!) show and Mr. Lionel Ritchie was at the banquette across from us. It was very "Say You, Say Me." I really do brake for Lionel.

I am on a train this morning sitting close to a lady who has a full mustache. Am I allowed to glance at the 'stache occasionally, or do I have to never look at this lady? I am sure the answer to this is in Jill's book, but I don't have it with me.   

Have a great weekend!


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