Good for the Jews?

Good for the Jews?

Andy asks the question: what is good for my people?

Whenever there's a Gay, Jewish, Asian, Black, Mexican or Penguin on TV, you can bet that there are members of that minority group sitting at home wondering if that person is "good or bad for the ---- (Fill in the blank)."

Before "RH NYC" premiered a girlfriend of mine said, "That show looks HORRIBLE for the Jews!"  I told her to calm it down and let me know what she thought. (She was fine with it.) Concurrently, all my black friends were asking me if Atlanta would be good or bad for their people so at that reunion, I asked the Atlanta Housewives if they were conscious of presenting a positive image of Blacks, and they said they were more interested in presenting a positive image of THEMSELVES.

I hereby present the first in a series where I will unscientifically examine whether people present positive of negative portrayals of their minority group. 

Let us begin with My People, the Jews.  It has been a very bad few months for the Jewish people because of.....

BERNIE MADOFF - To say this man is bad for the Jews is an understatement. He is bad for everybody. We don't want him. Nobody does. Horrible. The wife, too. A Kosher cookbook? VERDICT: Could not be worse for the J's.

Things got even darker this week when I found out that this fellow is a member of my tribe:

JASON "The Bachelor" MESNICK - Oy vey, what a freaking shmuck. VERDICT: Horrible for the Jews. I even think that this guy is bad for MEN in general...
A little closer to home, let's ponder....

HOSEA ROSENBERG AND LEAH COHEN - Yes, these Top Chefs cheated on their bf and gf on national television, but I found out at the reunion that neither is fully Jewish, and I think Hosea redeemed both their honor by winning the title. VERDICT: Technically not Jewish, they're still ok if they want to self-identify.

I hope you saw "The Real Housewives of NYC" a few weeks ago, because this lady is a new superstar:

GLORIA, MOTHER OF JILL - Gloria became everybody's favorite Jewish Mom when she sat at Jill's table giving Bethenny the pep talk of a lifetime.

She waxed poetic about life, time, self-worth, and just being all you can in a speech worthy of a Shirley MacLaine movie. (OK, Tovah Feldshuh...). "One minute it's Yom Kippur, then I blink and it's Passover"." VERDICT: Great for Bethenny and great for the Jews. Spinoff, please! 

And this lady is the subject of much debate...

PATTI STANGER, THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER: My friend Lisa claims that Patti is bad for the Jews, but I'm going out on a limb and saying that this occasionally offensive lady tells it like it is and wants only good things for her clients. VERDICT: It's hard making love happen, so I am giving Patti a break because she's incredibly entertaining. Good for the Jews!

OK, let's leave Bravo....

RAHM EMANNUEL: This former Congressman and current family man is Obama's brain (chief of staff) and wields tremendo power in DC.  He apparently curses like a sailor and said the F word in a recent NEW YORKER profile.
VERDICT: As long as he can keep his pottymouth in check, good for the Jews and the country.

JEREMY PIVEN: Piven plays a stereotype of a Jewish Agent on "Entourage," which is not an amazing representation. He recently quit mid-run of "Speed the Plow" because he claimed disability due to unusually high levels of mercury in his system from eating too much fish.  VERDICT: Not good for Jews, not good for actors, not good for fish eaters.

DAVID MAMET:  Playright Mamet, who - among other masterpieces - wrote "Speed the Plow" had the best line in the whole mercury affair when he said, "my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer." VERDICT: Good for the Jews! And Broadway!


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