Good Day!

Good Day!

Andy Cohen on the Emmy's, Flipping Out, and regrettable moments.

It is an exciting day here at The Bravo; we're celebrating 11 Emmy Nominations including Outstanding Reality Competition Series nods for "Top Chef" and "Project Runway", plus an Outstanding Reality Program nomination for "My Life on the D List". Kathy's "Straight to Hell" was nominated for Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Special, which is a big-ass deal!!!Congrats to the Magical Elves and their teams at Runway and Chef who also received cinematography and editing nods.

I hope y'all enjoyed last night's premiere of "Project Runway"! We had a great time on the live after show with Austin Scarlett and eliminated designer Jerry Tam. Nina was our surprise caller, we played a rousing game of "would you rather", and there was even something for the American Express Cardmembers who happen to be foot or shoe fetishists.

People are still emailing me about Tuesday night's episode of "Flipping Out". I spoke with Jeff yesterday and asked him how Jenni was doing this week. He said she's on vacation but that he didn't pay her for the week. ("Why would I pay her to take a week off?") I don't know if he was kidding. He loves her a lot, that I can tell you for certain. Maybe the two of them should just give it a go. And let us shoot it... (kidding).

Yesterday at lunch, I ran into an old colleague who is a media bigwig. She said, "Oh, are you friends with xxxmediaperson??" I responded that I actually cannot stand xxxmediaperson. She responded with some very horrible health-related news about xxxmediaperson, which made me feel like a total shit for volunteering that I cannot stand the person. I kind of felt set up, but on the flip side - why do I feel compelled to constantly state my case?

This reminds me of something that happened a few months ago. I was waiting for a flight at LAX and got an email from a good friend who's dog had been sick for a long while. The email said that the dog would be put to sleep soon and asked if I wanted to come visit the dog that weekend and say my goodbyes. I was not close to the dog, and felt compelled to stake my position ASAP. "No," I wrote. "I do not want to come say goodbye to xxxpooch".

When I landed in NYC there was an email informing me that the beloved pooch had passed away. Again, why the hell did I feel it absolutely necessary to go on the record ASAP with my nasty-assed feelings about the now-dead pooch? I suck.

CAB REPORT: This morning's cab ride was as I like it: uneventful and fast. It was almost like darling Singh Dalip was reading my mind! How did he know, as I sat pounding out this blog on my blackberry that I preferred to go up Eighth Avenue? The fare was $10.10 and I gave him $12.

He said "Have a nice day." Oh, Singh.

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