Golden Globe Weekend

Golden Globe Weekend

Andy Cohen dishes on the Golden Globes.

The sun is shining today in LA and I have a lot to do so I'm going to keep it short...

Have I mentioned that everyone on both coasts is sick? And that includes me? So half the weekend was spent pretending that I wasn't sick and the other half was spent giving in to it. Friday night I was pretending to be healthy at The Palm, and I felt kind of like a spry tween when Larry King stopped by the table with his wife and father in law, because the father-in-law was younger than Lar.

You could've set up bowling pins on Sunset Boulevard on Friday night and pretty much all weekend - it was totally empty, which according to the valet dude means nobody is spending money. I believe it. We stopped by Fred Segal yesterday and even that mecca of markup has slashed everything and it doesn't look like merchandise is flying off the shelves. I, like Nina Garcia, was just bored looking around that place (the great men's store Douglas Fir on Third Street has a good sale happening if you're in town and want my advice on where to go).

Saturday night I relented to the sick, stayed in, and watched "Slumdog Millionaire". I know I am the very last person to this party but WOW!  I loved it as much as people said I would and it actually equals all the hysteria. What a great one, top to bottom.

So I loved it that they swept the Globules last night. So deserving. I didn't love that Sean Penn lost, but I have a feeling that he's not sucking up to the Hollywood Foreign Press any time in the past or future, so maybe that has something to do with it. Hooray for Laura Linney's win, and if you're looking for a way to celebrate (I'm sure you are), tune in to the premiere of her "Inside the Actor's Studio" tonight on Bravo.

An actress friend was texting me during the show imploring me to blog about however brilliant Kate Winslet is in "The Reader" - which she is. Her win in a Supporting Category is somewhat unfair and perhaps appalling given that she really was the lead actress in that film. It sets a precedent and shoves out all the great supporting actresses who now don't have a chance...

I emailed back and said that I wasn't altogether going to picket or anything, but that I get her point. I was more obsessed with Drew Barrymore's homage to Marilyn, for which I would gladly picket in SUPPORT!

What about the fact that the Globes people kinda ruined a big plot twist in "Slumdog" with their choice of the phone-a-friend clip. Did you notice that? I thought it was kind of major.

After the show we were at the CAA party at the Sunset Tower surrounded by every A-list superstar you can think of. I can't blog about it, but I will tell you that I am giving it up to the hotness of Tom Cruise. I want to grab his nose very badly. And maybe bite it.

The highlight for me was talking to "Slumdog" star Dev Patel who was in a total daze and riding a massive high. He said it was his second time in LA and he was totally blown away to just be invited to the party, so to speak. He said he got emotional during the Spielberg tribute realizing who he was surrounded by in the room. What a genuine, sweet man.

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