Giving it a Go ...

Giving it a Go ...

Andy Cohen returns to blogging to thank fans for their support, and talk about cellphones and 'The Insider.'

I have been feeling so un-engaged, so un-bloggy, but life goes on and so will I.

Thank you all for your amazing comments on the blog about Natasha Richardson last week. It was the first good friend I've lost and they helped me grieve and gave me strength. Don't forget that amfAR has established a fund in Tasha's memory, and you can donate at I spoke to the folks over there yesterday and they are gratified by the outpouring of support and donations since last week. Let's keep it going.

I am trying to get back into the groove as I return to work and everyday life. A friend sent me a "cheer you up" singing telegram to my cellfone yesterday. Have you ever heard of this? It was a lady in India singing about chirping birds. It did kind of cheer me up for a minute, and then I was a wee bit puzzled. Life goes on ...

In the last few years, I've become obsessed with not talking directly into any kind of cellphone, and I have unruly nightmares that if I do I will be severely hurt. Concurrently, I'm constantly losing or breaking my headgear. This is a bad combo! On my way home from work last night I hit the Apple store to pick up some replacements for my Blackberry.

A stunning woman came up to me and asked if I was the "Housewives Guy." I said that depended if she was onboard the train or not. She said she was fully onboard, and that she watched all the series as much for entertainment as for a sociological study on the lives of wealthy women. I breathed a sigh of relief because I never know whether people will "get" the show in that way, the way I do too.

On my way home, as I stepped over puddles and puddles of dog piss, I wondered when exactly it became acceptable for people's dogs to urinate all over the sidewalks of Manhattan, with no rhyme or reason? I don't want to be walking all over pee all day and tracking it all over. I love it here so much, and I love doggies, but sometimes I think this place is a freaking cesspool, is all.

Speaking of piss and cesspools, I turned on the TV when I got home just to take my mind off of things. The Insider was on. I became upset. Is this show literally produced for people who are actively stupid? What have they done with Lara Spencer, that cute girl from GMA and WABC,  take out her bones and put a bullhorn in place of her voicebox? Is THIS the rock bottom of our culture? 

I started thinking of the woman at the Apple store who "gets" The Real Housewives. There are probably a lot of people who think the RH are the bottom of the cat litter, but I don't think we present the RH as deadly serious. Somewhere, there's a wink. The way Lara Spencer was talking last night I got the feeling she was kind of actually believing what she was saying, and that she thought it was incredibly important. Do people think she is delivering "information?" Is it important? It just seemed deadly stupid and irritating to me, which is fascinating given that I think tonight's episode of Real Housewives is FANTASTIC. 

Sometimes I think I make sense only to myself. And life goes on ...

CAB REPORT: I am back to my old habits: caffeine and taxicabs. I feel guilty but they're comforting, and this morning Muhammad Akhtar was the chit-chattiest cellphone driver I may have ever had. And I have a feeling he may also be the 18th driver I've encountered with the name Muhammad Akhtar. Is it me or does that name sound familiar?

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