Give It 2 Me

Give It 2 Me

Andy's thoughts on the last weekend of debauchery in Manhattan.

It's Runway finale week everybody! And happy Columbus Day! Can you hardly wait for the Runway Finale? What about the Columbus Day Parade? Me too! Is Susan Lucci the Grand Marshall? Rita Moreno? Uh oh, I dunno but I'll look out me window towards Fifth Ave and try to determine ASAP. Right now I see a lot of red lipstick.

I think we just had one last weekend of debauchery in Manhattan... Judging from the hustle and bustle and insanity on the streets and in the stores, people don't yet realize how broke they are. Lots of retail denial going on.

I spent my Saturday night back at Madison Square Garden for Madonna with Marc Consuelos and Kelly Ripa - two of the nicest people you would ever want to know. Kelly is as obsessed with Madonna as me so I knew it would be fun to see the Queen with her.

What I stupidly also didn't totally compute was that the Queen of AM TeeVee would have the very very best seats in the house. We were in row 1 sitting directly in front of Madge's ramp in the center of Madison Square Garden. A-Rod was there right behind us. And Chris Rock.

Before the show we ran into Julie Chen in the pre-party and you know I put my MadgeMania aside to go deep with that lady with my Big Brother 10Mania. I told her I heard they were trying to cast smart people for BB11. We laughed. What a concept. But can they find people that are smart AND hot! She loves Renny as much as me, btw.

The Madonna "Sticky and Sweet" show was maybe 80-100 percent better the second time around. The crowd, the seats, the energy, her looseness, the whole thing was just one euphoric dance party that amounted to MadonnaramaNirvana.

The whole thing climaxed during the finale when Pharrell joined M onstage for "Give It 2 Me" (my favorite track on "Hard Candy"). Madonna handed Kelly the mic to sing and Kelly, knowing that I would enjoy the moment as much as she, allowed me the pleasure of a duet of sorts for about one verse that felt like 20 minutes. I thought she sounded amazing and then she played the clip on her show this morning and it was very karaoke. What a fun moment though, and a great night.

In other news...

** That great lady who played "All My Children's" Myrtle Fargate, Eileen Herlie, passed away last week. Who will run "The Boutique" and take in Pine Valley's strays? She was one of those classic soap ladies. She coulda played Madame Morrible in "Wicked", dontchathink? (I am always trying to cast that part - it's fun!)

** I have become completely addicted to the Huffington Post over the past month. All these democrats need to realize that Obama does not have this election in ze bag, though. I think this early polling and electoral counting is going to backfire on them. What do I know?


the traffic was so bad because of the parade that I now secretly hate the Italian community and will confess to you that my enthusiasm for the parade in paragraph one of this blog (the P's are numbered, see) was false and really just directed towards the hint of Susan Lucci being Grand Marshall. My cab was so expensive, and I am so broke already (I blame Bush) that I am too embarrassed to tell you how much I paid.

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