George Michael

George Michael

Andy catches the show at Madison Square Garden.

Tonight on "Flipping Out", things lighten up a little (they certainly couldn't get HEAVIER) in Los Feliz. Last night was an emotional SRO triumph for George Michael at Madison Square Garden. The show was over 20 songs in two acts. His voice literally sounds better than ever. We seemed to be in the friends n' fam section, on the right side of the stage. Michael's partner of 12 years, Kenny Goss, was in front of us along with his Dallas contingent. (GM dedicated "Amazing" to Goss - which was pretty cool.) Neal Patrick Harris and Alan Cumming were nearby. That NPH seems like a great guy. Chris Cuomo was there too; he's doing a 2parter on Gay Morning America with GM this week.

George is still working some old chestnut dance moves and he slam-dunked classic hit after hit - from Wham and through "Faith" and beyond - that were constant reminders of why we love this guy. He fell back on that Diana Ross-crutch of sticking the mic out in the audience and saying "now YOU sing" about 10 too many times. Here's what: now YOU sing! It works on "Careless Whisper" but e-nough.

He paused about five songs in to profusely thank American audiences for sticking with him, and gabbed about his lawsuit with Sony (without mentioning them by name) and how it basically kept him off American radio for 15 years. He sang about eight songs that were ANTHEMS in Europe but that not many people here (beside the gays) seem to know. I am sure his "YOU Sing!" during "Spinning the Wheel" and "Amazing" yields way different results in Europe than it did last night, which is kinda interesting. After the show we were lucky enough to go back and meet him in his dressing room.

He was absolutely lovely.

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