Andy Cohen contemplates Candy Spelling's open letter to her daughter.

Kathy has a very special episode tonight in which she becomes "Norma Gay" and takes on Prop 8. It's a good one, and especially poignant to see her mom Maggie's reaction to Prop 8. Hey, how great would Maggie be on Watch What Happens Live!?

Speaking of things very gay, we had a little college reunion on Fire Island over the weekend, and the Pines beaches continued their reputation (for me) as a nonstop parade of bad swimsuits. Isaac Mizrahi could go in there and have a field day about fit and proportion.  Because I was on FI for 48 hours, I found Britney Spears' "Circus" playing on an endless loop in my addled brain. That hurts!

OK so let's get to the big news of the day ... did you read Candy Spelling's open letter to Tori?

On the one hand, I totally get Candy's point. She doesn't want to reunite with her kid and meet her grandkid on her daughter's reality show. Cheap, lame, not cool. On the other hand, is TMZ the best cover under which Candy should post an open letter to her daughter? What about HuffPo? Or Andy's Blog????

Or what about writing a letter that does NOT get posted??? (I know that last route isn't really an option but it is certainly novel!) Anyway I am sure at this point they both think the other person is guilty of going on Larry King or The View and hashing this out which is why the other retaliates publicly. 

And I am also sure that my head is hurting worse from thinking about this nonsense than it was when Circus was looping around ....


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