From One Thing To Another....

From One Thing To Another....

Andy's friend Diane Ronnau's journey shown on CBS.

Tonight on "Watch What Happens" we'll be live with Work Out trainer Rebecca and the eliminated interior designer from Top Design. Is there any way that won't be super-compelling?? Don't answer that!

Speaking of compelling, I love it that the paternity of Dannielynn is being determined by the same lab that the "Maury" show uses. Ha! That is Shear Genius. And it comes to us according to my source for all things urgent, the New York Post.

And speaking of the New York Post, I was surprised that they didn't report something that I forgot to mention yesterday..... Rosie O, in accepting her GLAAD Award, told a story about running into Tom Ford on that night's red carpet and thinking that it was "Blow Out" star Jonathan Antin! They apparently had a "who's on first" moment in which she told him she loves watching him on Bravo.

How do we think Tom Ford felt about Rosie O'Donnell mistaking him for Jonathan Antin? What do we think, people?? Did Tom Ford enjoy that? Ma-ha! Speaking of "Ma-ha," do we think the "Simpsons" movie is going to be any good? I am rooting for it to be the greatest. I still love me some Simpsons. I am wondering what they are going to do to make it different from what you see on TV? Speaking of TV shows becoming movies, I am betting that the "Sex and the City" happens.

Speaking of "Sex and the City," when I worked at CBS I used to come into work on Mondays and discuss that show with two women I referred to as my "CBS wives," Mary Noonan and Diane Ronnau. Noonan is an all-star producer for "48 Hours" and Ronnau breaks the shit down for "The CBS Evening News." Ronnau is a force unto herself, a combo platter of Seinfeld's Elaine and Holly Hunter's Broadcast News character. Her indomitable spirit has proved inspirational and healing over the last year, in which she's faced cancer head-on.

Tonight, "The CBS Evening News" will feature the story of Diane Ronnau's amazing journey and, since I love the hell outta this woman, I'd be remiss in not encouraging you to check it out!

I mean, I know you TiVo the "Evening News" anyway, but I just thought I should tell you to actually WATCH tonight's episode instead of trying to appear smart by having it on your TiVo list........ And I don't think I can take today's rambler of a blog anywhere else!

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