Friends In Deed

Friends In Deed

Andy Cohen talks about the worthwhile organization and the party honoring him and Donna Karan this week.

The freaking trackwheel on my BlackBerry will not scroll down and it is literally causing me a fair amount of pain and irritation. I can only get my alarm to "snooze" and not "dismiss" ... I have unanswered texts.... I am dependant on my desktop. Oh, it is not a happy thing.

In better news, you will certainly flip for "The Last Supper" director's cut of that fateful, final meal from The Real Houswives of New Jersey tonight at 9/8c. It is rashamon, a full service fantasy for HW's fans and something we've never done before on Bravo. I love this hour of TV, and it's followed by a brand new episode of The Fashion Show.

The other night, Donna Karan and I were honored by the amazing charity Friends in Deed at their annual charity gala at Balthazar. It was a room full of fashionistas and swells including Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg, Mike Nichols, Police Commisioner Ray Kelly, Bernadette Peters, Ellen Barkin, Harry Smith, and Bravo's Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Zoe and, Tabatha Coffey. I was a little nervous about getting up in front of that crowd and that was compounded when I had to follow an amazing tribute that the incredible Sarah Jessica Parker gave me (wow and thanks). Oy. I got my stuff together and cobbled together some words, and went on to have a fantastic night.


There was an auction with some fantastic one-of-a-kind experiential items up for bid (ie a 12- day safari in Africa) and I put together a little Bravo Housewives package with the help of Caroline and Albert Manzo, who donated a dinner for 10 at the Brownstone. I threw in a visit to the set of a Housewives reunion show, and the bidding was FIERCE. I thought Ellen Barkin was going to win it (she's a big HW fan) but it went to a passionate man for 11 thousand bucks.  11 thousand! Incredible. 

Friends in Deed really is a great organization and it was founded in '91 by Mike Nichols and Cy O'Neal, who have helped transform many thousands of lives through our programs and services. They provide emotional support for anyone with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, cancer, or other life-threatening physical illnesses ... their family, friends, and caregivers ... and anyone dealing with grief and bereavement. 

The breaking news is that I am jumping off the ledge and starting to Tweet. I know I blogged a few weeks ago saying that I will never Twitter, and this does actually deserve a longer explanation, but I'm folding and going for it. I will start slowly. It's @BravoAndy.... More on this later.

Have a good day

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