Friday Things

Friday Things

Andy Cohen on the 20 Most Outrageous Bravo Moments.

* I was out to dinner last night and it was like a bad parody of a single person at a restaurant with couple after couple after couple celebrating V-Day with a wad of roses on every table. All it needed was Meg Ryan and a violinist and it would've been complete. It was sweet-ish.

* I can't believe Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton have BOTH dropped four letter words on Morning shows within weeks of each other. What does it mean, people?

* Graciela sent me a link to today. It asks you questions about your views on the issues and it matches you up with the candidate that most suits you. Isn't that a great idea? I was really happy that it matched me up with who I already supported, but I just took it a few more times and now I am wondering if it really works or who's behind it. Wouldn't it be great if there was a site that was exactly right on everyone's POV on the issues that really DID match you up? I think this one may be flawed. There are only 10 issues on it, too.

* I saw a "Top Chef" ad ("Let the Flames Begin") on the side of a bus this morning on my way to work, which put a smile on my face and immediately made me think of Candice from Season 1. Candice is the chef who called Stephen a 'tool and a douchebag', which we included (actually YOU included it) on your "20 Most Outrageous Bravo Moments" the other night.

At our offsite this week, we broke off into groups of five and each had 24 hours to generate a case study based on a given problem. Our group used "You're a tool and a douchebag" in our presentation, and seeing the phrase projected from our powerpoint in bold letters was impactful. (We finished the sentence with a grand thought, of course.)

* Speaking of "Bravo Moments", we heard from two people after our special the other night: Vicki Gunvalson and Dr. Hong. Both were kinda psyched about being on the list, which kinda slays me.

* I'm catching up on Andy's Blog emails this morning after being away all week and it's always the really nasty ones that are worth printing... KRISTIN wrote: "I am thrilled that Andy will not be a part of the Project Runway reunion. I just can't stand that crossy-eyed dark-headed Michael Kors clone! Don't get me wrong - I love my gays and love Christian and all his femininity and fierceness, but Andy is SUCH a boring WOMAN. Adios, sissy girl!!"

* It's a 3 day weekend everybody. Have fun!

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