Friday Randomness

Friday Randomness

Andy Cohen talks first daughters and first ladies of news.

The bone-chilling temperatures are blessedly higher today and 40 degrees literally feels like springtime. I feel like skipping!

A few weeks ago I was the very last to discover Hale and Hearty Soups, which has an outpost in the Rock Center Concourse. Their soups are SO delicious and warm in your tummy that I have become completely obsessed. The soups are like a hug at lunchtime, the perfect remedy for winter. We're talking Mushroom and Asparagus, Smoked Turkey and Bacon Bisque, every kind of chow-dah, and basically any combo you can think of. 

So last night at dinner at the Perskys I rattled off a list of what I'd been eating and discovered that I may as well be slurping lard stew.  Why have I not considered the fat content? The Perskys are Hale and Hearty natives, and have some pretty strong opinions about the place, which is another blog entirely.

We talked a lot about the inauguration, and Liza is upset that the nation has apparently gone gaga over Sasha Obama, leaving Malia in the dust. Apparently both Regis and Kathie Lee have - on separate shows of course - proclaimed their preference for Sasha. Liza's feeling codependent for Malia's feelings. Here's what, Liza, I think that Malia is actually the superstar and Sasha is the spare... Does that make you feel any better?

We were talking about how superscary Dick Cheney looked and Liza thought of the perfect "separated at birth": Cheney and Mr. Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life".

Thanks to the Andy's Blog reader who thought I seriously didn't know who Diane Sawyer is and emailed me her Wikipedia entry! I actually was making a commentary on how Barbara Walters has been the only ABC News star mopping up in the ratings of late. I do love Diane, too!

I know some of you already think I am a total dickweed (what a great word), but hopefully yesterday's airplane tome didn't push me over the edge. I just want to make it clear that it was the gal's sheer stupidity that did me in, and nothing else. And I don't think you need to know everything about NYC in order to function as a human being, I just think you gotta maybe pretend you have a brain. Whatever. I hate stupid people, is all.

SUBWAY REPORT:  My cabbie's tormenting me with his urgent potty needs yesterday put me back riding the rails today, and look at the hilarious graffiti that awaited me!

It's the hateful Trista from "The Bachelorette", who's sold her soul, and family, to Skechers and has fallen prey to the Goatee Sharpie Bandit of 14th Street. How funny is that baby with the mustache?? Asinine, but cute.

And check out what's happened to our "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger in the Spring Street Station!

This picture comes to us from Andy's Blog Regular Mary Matthews, who is also a great filmmaker and subway graffiti-spotter.

Have a great weekend.

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