Friday Nibs And Nobs

Friday Nibs And Nobs

Andy Cohen talks Bill Cosby, Tim Gunn, and Shear Genius.

For me, brisket is best when eaten the day after it's cooked, and so are leftover pieces of info from the week that I haven't shared on the blog yet......

COSBY: Monday night I went to a benefit for Autism Speaks, founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright. The headliners were Bill Cosby and Toni Braxton. Before the entertainment there was a moving short film about autism; one statistic has stayed in my mind all week: 1 in 150 kids is autistic or develops autism. What frightening, shocking odds. Braxton has an autistic son and she spoke emotionally about him. In terms of her set, the "Unbreak My Heart" Lady went for it -- performing her entire Las Vegas act featuring 15 backup dancers and lots of hoochyness. It was fascinating to watch in the confines of Lincoln Center amidst a very tony crowd. It wasn't he Frontier Hotel, and I give it up to her for going for it.

Cosby was spectacular. Gut-busting. His set wove in the classic Cosby touchpoints of fatherhood and husbandhood, all framed by his pov as a 69 year old man. How amazing that there's a recorded catalogue of Cosby's comedic documention of every stage of life. He's talked about everything. Perhaps the University of Arizona.....or Colorado.....should make a course of it.

BLACKBIRD Tuesday night I went to the opening of "Blackbird," a one-act play directed by my pal Joe Mantello. You will recall that Mantello is the eternally white-hot Broadway SuperDirector (amongst theaterpeeps that's considered a word, folks) behind everything from "Love, Valour Compassion" to "Wicked" to Julia Robert's stage debut to a ton of other plays you've kvelled over. Joe's got two Tonys and I'd throw another his way based on what I saw Tuesday. The play, featuring Jeff Daniels, is riveting, thought provoking and upsetting. I loved it. By Wednesday morning the reviewers weighed in and they did too; suddenly it's the hottest ticket in town. Here's what -- I feel confident that my word on this is as good as Ben Brantley's and if I say it's great it won't make it impossible to get a ticket! What's my point here? I can't decide.

PAUL-JEAN! For all you reality TV conspiracy theorists out there who believe elimination votes are rigged, please take another look at the premiere of "Shear Genius." Maybe the best "character" on the show, Paul-Jean, had his final cut. If it was rigged, we woulda kept this guy! It is a testament to the talent and personality of the rest of the hair stylists that the show doesn't suffer without Paul-Jean, but I was bummin' out when he went home! What about Jackie Smith?!? Is she, or is she not, Shear Genius?

IN OTHER NEWS: ** American Airlines doesn't offer pillows on many of its planes these days. Cutbacks. Here's what -- don't cut back on pillows. You are killing us. Killing.

** I thought the piece on Tim Gunn in yesterday's Times was good. I loved seeing that huge picture of him on the front cover and I'm intrigued to know more about his childhood. What an interesting man. He knows a lot about a lot! (As a point of comparison, I know a little about a lot!)

** The New York Post once again blew the competition away on Wednesday with it's cover announcing Larry Birkhead is darling Dannielynn's papa. It featured the Three Stooges with a circle around Larry and the headline "IT'S LARRY!"

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