Friday Mazel

Friday Mazel

Andy Cohen shares a reader-submitted poem about ... Andy Cohen.

What did you think of last night's NYC Housewives Festival of Unseen Footage? My highlight was Jill and Ramona going at it about the tennis match. Why are they funny? WHY???

The show ended with a clip we'd run online of me asking a question I loved on paper, then made me queasy. It was "Who would you vote off the show if you could..." and I stupidly didn't expect the total gang-up on Kelly, especially after they'd all turned on each other.  So it came out kinda mean and the fact is that it's obviously not an elimination-based show and maybe we shouldn't have aired it and maybe it was fine. I'm just venting here so indulge me.

Last night's episode of The Fashion Show was fantastic and I think represented a turning point for the competition. They're competing as individuals and the fashion is kicking ass. There's some fun stuff coming up in the weeks to come with that one.

While all that madness was airing on Bravo, I was at the Player's Club seeing "An Evening with Bill Persky." It was my pal Bill (TV legend who created That Girl and Kate and Allie among others) telling stories about his life and career. I could've listened all night, and so could
the crowd — who included Marlo Thomas, Susan St James, Adriana Trigiani, Mark Consuelos, Sonny Grasso, and Liza. I hope Bill puts out a book and does a one-man show and keeps telling stories.

Wednesday night I had a cocktail with Top Chef star Fabio Viviani and brought him to a very cool birthday party for my friend Sandy Gallin high atop Central Park. I love New York. Am I still allowed to say that? Check out the view from the terrace:

So we got to talking with Hugh Jackman, who says that despite reports in the paper that he and Daniel Craig will be wearing police uniforms in their new play, they actually play OFF-DUTY cops. So all the boys in Chelsea need to settle it about the thought of the two of them onstage for two hours in Estrada-wear. It is indeed disappointing, though.

Andy's Blog reader Ann Marie wrote a really sweet poem yesterday that I gots to share with you today since she certainly spent more time on IT than I can telling you anything else this morning. Here is is:

Ode to Andy

Housewives are the bane of Andy Cohen,
Arrested, tested, backsides showin'
At the reunions he keeps the questions throwin'
Guess that's just what keeps him goin'!

In NY Ramona and the Countess,
My oh my, his problems "mountess",
Then add Kelly and Bethenny,
for a season of pure lunacy!

OC, Atlanta, NY and more,
Excitement's what were looking for!
The best line ever was NeNe to Kim,
"Close your legs to married men."

Now New Jersey stirs the pot,
Will we see another housewife's mugshot?

To D.C. now you say you're bound,
Heaven knows just what you found,
Housewives of a political kind,
Agendas that will blow our mind!

Andy, thank you for this guilty pleasure,
It's brought joy to many beyond measure,
There's only one thing left to do,
Give your fans a show about YOU!

Thanks Ann Marie! Have a great weekend ...



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