Friday is for Videoblogs

Friday is for Videoblogs

Find out what's on Andy Cohen's office wall.

Judging from what was playing during my treadmill time, the big "news" stories here in LA are Ted Haggard and that Jessica Simpson looks "heavy" in those new pictures of her. And then the "newspeople" talk about how "horrible" it is that "people" are saying she looks "heavy".  But if the "newspeople" weren't doing the "story" maybe it wouldn't be one, right? Perhaps they should do a "story" on her lack of "talent". That would actually be "breaking news".

As a heterosexual with homosexual attachments, I actually kind of feel sorry for her. Side note: her high-waisted pants were reminiscent of Kenley's ode to hip-hop on "Runway". You get me?

I get tons of emails (meaning I got ONE email) from people (one lady) asking what the heck is on the walls of my office.  I thought that would be a fascinating videoblog to share with you (and an easy cop-out for a day that I didn't feel like writing anything.)

Have a good weekend!


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