Friday Before Emmys

Friday Before Emmys

Andy Cohen celebrates the Jewish New Year and the Emmy Awards!

I decided that it would be unwise to blog yesterday, it being Rosh Hashanah. I already pushed the envelope by heading directly from my New Year's meal to host "Watch What Happens" on Wednesday night, so why push the envelope with the Lord. The Lord, after all, is One.

The post-Rosh meal "Watch What Happens" was nonetheless enjoyable because we had all 6'8" of CJ Jacobson in the house with Lia Bardeen, who was looking lovely. Watch the show HERE, because it got fairly racy... several viewers commented that they would like to see real relationship grow between CJ and Padma. I am IN for that show, by the way.

We had Josie Smith-Malave tell her horrible tale on the phone. How is it possible, in this day and age, that someone can get beaten up for being gay? Nobody wants to hear it from me, but when you have a government that incites fear and hatred of gay people it ain't great.

It's election-time, so I am sure the Karl Rove's of '08 will be pulling out the anti-gay stuff for all to get riled up about and then it all trickles down to sweet Top Chefs getting punched in parking lots. And that's all I am saying. I gotta take a Wide Stance every once in a while.

When I got home from the web show, I watched the Season Premiere of "Oprah" featuring David Letterman. Wow. Talk about two people that don't get each other and just should not be in the same orbit. Oy. Oprah was pretending to belly laugh at his humor and he was trying to relax and the audience is so on her side that they kind of get jittery if they sense that she is jittery and it was the most uncomfortable thing I've seen since Brit's MTV performance.

Actually, it was worse. Did anyone see it and disagree? At least now he's done the show and he doesn't have to again...

Yesterday was good for bringing in the Jewish New Year. I went to temple in the morning. I came home and a guy came over to clean my ultra suede stool on which my girlfriend had a "Superbad"-sized ladyaccident. I can't believe he got the bloodstain out. Wow.

There's a line in "Hairspray" about getting rich for inventing a way to get bloodstains out of car upholstery, and I'm thinking this guy can get rich! Once the ultra suede was clear, I hit it for JFK and the next flight out to LA and the Emmys.

We're up for best Reality Competition for "Top Chef" and "Project Runway". We're up against "Idol", "Dancing with the Losers" and "Amazing Race". Unfortunately for us, "Amazing Race" is absolutely going to win, but it is very cool to have two nominations in that category - and I actually mean it. It's gonna be a great night.

I had drinks and a late drunky dinner with Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos at the Sunset Tower. Jeff and Jenni had just come from taping a skit on "The Soup" and were in rare form. We got a wee bit hammered and had a lot of laughs.

Turns out that Jeff is a big fan of reality TV, specifically Bravo shows... specifically the "Real Housewives". He loves it. I had watched (among other things) two episodes of the new season of "Housewives" on the plane out, so I was primed with info for America's Favorite Flipper. They are hilarious and fun to hang with.

Send your pals at Bravo some good vibes for a fun Emmy weekend... Ok??

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