Andy Cohen muses on everything from Patti LaBelle to 'Celebrity Fit Club' before the weekend.

What a gorgeous day!

I had a gorgeous night, thanks to Miss Patti LaBelle. Kelly was awesome, too, and she was as much in awe of Patti as I was. I can't believe Miss Patti schlepped from Philly to do the show (and got a police escort to get her through the Holland Tunnel so she'd make air.) We
taped some awesome Web extras where we went deep about divas of music. They'll be posted soon.

In other news:

** I was on Joy Behar yesterday, and before we went on the air we sat reading the TigerTexts.  To the whore who released the (totally filthy) texts, here's what: what were YOU saying in return? Was he texting a librarian who was shocked and offended at his lewdness as she responded with thoughts on the Dewey freaking Decimal system. Gloria Allred needs
to STOP. What is she meaning to say/prove/do?

** ABC has named Christiane Amanpour the host of "This Week."  I don't get this one at all.  She's an amazing international investigative journalist and they're putting her in a studio to do live interviews about domestic issues? Way to play to her strengths, ABC. 

** Speaking of journalism, I watched Celebrity Fit Club the other night and was amused, excited, and kinda proud to see Jay McCarrol looking FANTASTIC and being his hilarious self at the weigh-in. He's lost a ton of weight and really looks great. I missed seeing him on TV.
He's the moral compass of that show, I am thinking... (So that tells you something about the other "celebs"). By the way, K-Fed is starting to look hot again.

Enjoy the weekend!

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