Andy Cohen reflects on 9-11, and Bill Persky's birthday.

It is 9/11 so before I start talking about anything I'm taking a moment away from the meaningless to remember.

And when you see a pic like this of a tribute happening this morning on 10th Street, you remember what this is all about (thanks for the pic, Zalaznick.)

Awkward transition ...

Last night was a blast on Watch What Happens Live with Tom Colicchio and Niecy Nash. Tom answered questions about Ellen on Idol, lesbian chefs, bears, caramel babies, She by Sheree, and he took a tweet from Jimmy Fallon asking about his worst meal on the show. Yes I  really was drinking the brand new Top Chef wine, called Quickfire, and it is good! (Available now at and in a couple weeks, everywhere ...)

It's a wonder I had any energy at all last night after Bill Persky's Wednesday night birthday bash at the Player's Club on Gramercy Park South. The man is 78 and has more energy and zest than most 30-year--olds.

If you read this blog you know that Bill wrote some of the great Dick Van Dyke Show episodes with his partner Sam Denoff and then went on to create That Girl and Kate and Allie. So it was a pleasure to sit between "That Girl" herself Marlo Thomas and today's "That Girl," Kelly Ripa.  I plied Marlo for deets about Cronkite's funeral, and sat in awe of Phil Donahue, begging him to do something with the incredible archives of his talk show.

The writer and radio host Lisa Birnbach and I went deep about the New York Times' Vows column and she told me about one I'd missed a couple weeks ago. Apparently a zaftig Jewish gal fell in love with her older Irish doorman, they married, and he moved into the building. The catch is that he's STILL the doorman. Thank you Cindy Adams for allowing me to just say: "Only in New York, Kids ... Only in New York."

Marlo and Susan St. James gave a phenomenal toast (Jane Curtin was there too but somehow missed this portion) to Billy's incredible feminism ....


The ladies called Kelly Ripa up to the stage, impromptu, and she shone. (What was she gonna do, bomb??). There was dancing and laughing and life, and it was all on 9/9/09.   

I am heading to St. Louis, via LaGuardia, for my nephew's bar mitzvah and parent's 50th anniversary. My cabbie and I are going deep about 9/11, so I gotta go.

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