Andy Cohen presents a mish-mosh of nonsense.

OK I have a mish-mosh of nonsense to discuss today, and I'm at an off-site so I gots to be brief.

* The blogosphere went batshit, for lack of a better word, yesterday about Hosea's win. You were furious at Casey, you questioned the judges, and you basically are pissed at Hosea. He did an interview with People where he reinforced his decision to fuming fans: “If I had to do it all over again, reading what I’m reading, I’d still say Hosea wins. He made a better meal.” He also said not to blame Casey. After all, it's not her fault that Carla took her advice. 

We talked a lot about the win next week at the reunion, and it was interesting to see who was most surprised that Hosea won. 

* I forgot to mention one thing that didn't make the final cut in the OC reunion the other night, that Lauri is writing a book of her life and lessons! She said she's been writing like crazy. That I want to read ...

* RHNYC's Bethenny Frankel's book was feted last night at the Palace.

* I love Mayor Bloomberg but his plan to make Times Square a pedestrian mall suuuuucks. I don't get it. I hope it doesn't happen.

* I can't believe Jeremy Piven won his mediation yesterday regarding his "abnormally high mercury levels" that caused him to quit his Broadway play. I thought they were going to nail him.

* I look at every Obama slideshow on HuffPo because I love seeing that family in their Presidential Moments. Did you see the pics from the Stevie Wonder tribute the other night? I became obsessed with the side-shot of Paul Simon and his hair. Oy. Check it out.

CAB REPORT: I was so psyched when a hybrid taxi pulled up today, allowing me to Green my Routine to work! When I got into Slimane Amoussi's joint I was sad to discover that Slimane, and the entire front seat, were virtually on top of me. No leg room and as handsome as Slimane appeared, I wasn't keen for his lapdance due to the whomper of a cold he was showcasing through his sneezes. Plus his car was filthy and the passenger window was whimsically going up and down. The whole ride was v Poltergeist. And this cab report is v boring!



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