Andy Cohen reflects on hairy caviar and Bozo the Clown.

...And it is another beautiful day in NYC. Did you see the very special bear episode of D-List last night? On what other show, I ask you people?


I was at a very fancy party with Dr. Baten the other night after the Jo and Slade event, and the passed hors devours were incredibly decadent. A supermodel was walking around with about 10 pounds of caviar encased in ice surrounded by fresh bellinis, and we were indulging ourselves every time he passed. Everything went south when poor Dr. B found a black hair in her dollop of caviar. The Doc was never able to get passed the hair, and for hours she kept envisioning and quietly re-tasting the hair on her tongue.

I have gotten several emails and posts responding to my (untrademarked as of this day) cab reports, and what people perceive as my cheapness in tipping. I beg to differ. I think a buck fifty-two dollars on a 10-11 dollar fare is fine/good, but as I write this I am second-guessing myself. I am going to start including the tip and fare in my reports and then we can really analyze my tipping and alleged cheapness.

A colleague emailed this morning to point out that I mentioned earlier in the week that Satan's Child Jesse Helms passed away last week. What I did not mention, he said, was that Bozo the Clown passed on the very same day, and oddly enough the two were never seen in the same room together at the same time... Could it BE??

Anthony, get me the I-Team, I have a hot lead!

How is Madonna's brother going to be able to live after selling the sister down the river? What did she do to him to make him do this? How much $$ did he get?

Here's a little picture to get you in the mood for the weekend.


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