Freezing Nonsense

Freezing Nonsense

Andy Cohen fills you on his latest shopping, reading, and partying experiences.

It is freezing here. Fer-eezing!

Oh and they are GIVING stuff away at all the stores. I did a roundup of Saks, Bergdorf, Barneys on Friday afternoon and it's insane what's going on. 70 percent off BEFORE Christmas. If my friends and I hadn't mainly decided not to swap gifts, they'd be getting great stuff.

That night we stoked up the fireplace and watched the Coen Brother's "Burn After Reading" with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Frances McDormand. It is offbeat and funny and weird and everyone in it is amazing. I wonder how it would play in a theater.. I'm thinking maybe not great.

Did I mention how freezing it is here? I somehow got so much done this weekend despite the cold that I feel like a real champ this morning. I caught up on a massive backlog of reading and was so amused by last Friday's NEW YORK TIMES Arts section, in which I was blown away by one rave review after the next. It was as though all its writers had clearly been dosing on the same Ecstasy tablets, with five stars going to everyone from Liza Minelli to Beyonce and "Frost/Nixon". It was a cavalcade of kudos, which is something you don't see too often from that paper.

I had high hopes for the big oral history of Motown in last month's VANITY FAIR (I told you I was catching up on reading) but was ultimately underwhelmed by the lack of really new information. Maybe I've read too much. The photos were exceptional. So beautiful and the archived pictures of the Supremes were works of art. I was disappointed that my girl, D, clearly refused to sit for an Annie Leibovitz portrait or be interviewed. I mean she's only the Queen of Freaking Motown and her absence was glaring. To me.

I know I am the only one who cares and I am essentially wasting your valuable time more than ever right now by chronicling an old article. Sorry.

Yesterday I had brunch at the restaurant known forever as Grange Hall. As happens with all West Village classic spots of late, GH shut down and has been reimagined in a somewhat hipper vain with a nod to the original. Now it's 50 Commerce. I liked it.

Meanwhile, the raping and pillaging of Bleecker Street by trendy upscale boutiques continues. Sometime in the last few weeks a 7 for All Mankind store (boo) appeared on the corner of 10th Street, last week Dyptique appeared out of nowhere (thumbs up), and a Brooks Brothers outpost selling only Thom Browne's line (yay) is due any minute. I still don't know who's going to the Tommy Hilfiger Boutique though. Do people buy Tommy stuff?

OMG I managed to find another topic about which no one cares: shops on Bleecker Street!

Last night was Toys For Tots which is the annual benefit for the chil-ren that brings out every single homosexual in NYC regaled in cashmere and toting a wrapped gift. I skipped it. Was it fun? I was at Shun Lee with every Upper West Side Jewish person, and the Giulianis.

SUBWAY REPORT: As long as the tree is up and cocking around with traffic, I'm taking the F to work. It glides right into Rock Center. This morning as I briskly navigated the tunnels leading to my train, I walked directly into the sneeze of a man wearing the tightest pants I have ever seen. I mean I FELT the SNEEZE. So now I'm patient zero, but the train was FAST and CHEAP.

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