Fork Skills

Fork Skills

Don't worry -- Andy Cohen didn't embarrass himself at a dinner at Valentino's home.

Tonight is a new episode of Top Chef Masters, so buckle it and get ready. This would be a good opportunity for me to restate what a crush I have on TCM competitor Susan Feniger, right? OK, that's done.

Last night I was on the Joy Behar Headline News show shmoozing about the "news" of the day — meaning not really the news but stuff that people are talking about. Anyhow, we were talking about the Miss USA pageant and I said that it was ridiculous to ask these idiots their POVs about policy issues when they were essentially totally uninformed pole dancers. Joy called me sexist. 

Is that sexist? I seem to never know when I am being sexist, by the way. I thought that piece of garbage Post article about SJP was sexist yesterday, for example, because I couldn't imagine them writing it about, say, George Clooney.  It was all junk anyway so it doesn't matter. Maybe I should take a class.

Last night I had dinner at the gorgeous Upper East Side home of the legendary designer Valentino, and I am still very full and sitting upright. I am happy to report that my fork skills were divine and that my dinner companion, Miss Carolina Herrera, and I became fast friends. That is important at a fancy dinner, that you bond with the stranger sitting next to you. We talked about Housewives, among other topics. It was a very lovely and fancy evening with many swells, and I didn't trip or drool or do much of anything to humiliate myself. 

And my fork skills were superb, as I mentioned. 

There is much work to be done and I have Diana Ross at Radio City awaiting me tonight, so chop chop, I say!!!

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