Folksy Friday

Folksy Friday

Andy Cohen shares his thoughts on the debate.

I was glued to the debate last night. It was pretty damn exciting.

Sarah P. has been studying her books and she passed the test. I thought Joe B. was kind of drifting there for the first half hour or so but man he caught a wind and kicked into high gear. I thought he did what McCain did in the first debate, which was remain on the offensive and basically kick butt. I am not into the folksy Joe SixPack talk, especially when it is delivered in the Fargo accent. I guess it's not a surprise that I find 'leavin' the 'g' off the end of every '-ing' word unappealing and stupid. I don't care about 'doggone' and 'you betcha'. Call me old fashioned, but I want my elected officials to sound smarter than me, but people loved George W's stoopid talk too. It would be nice to respect the English language.

It would be nice if everybody could agree on the pronunciation of Nuclear so that Sarah and W weren't the only two people saying NOOLCLUER. I watched last night with a famous comedian who wondered aloud at what point one might take notice that everybody else was pronouncing a word (nuclear) totally differently and say, oh wait I am the only person saying this word this way.. I dunno.

The CNN screen is littered with pollsters opinions and instagraphs and online bingo and recipes and I don't know what else. It is offensive and addictive all at once. You almost don't have to think for yourself until you realize how bogus it all is.

Hmmm what else? I think that little Palin girl is gonna drop that poor baby! Be careful little girl it's a BABY not a DOLL. I thought Gwen Ifill kind of stunk.

If Sarah P's hairdo is all the rage then will Todd's postmillennial gelmullet sweep the nation, too?

OK that might be it for debate talk...


the easy way that Hafeez Rehman handled the wheel made me think HE should run for vice prezzy. What a driver! And how kind! If you see cab 7H90, catch the fever!!

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