Andy Cohen celebrates his 40th birthday at the beloved Florent.

Last night Bruce and I celebrated my 40th at my beloved Florent, which you know is weeks away from shuttering after losing their lease to the evil warlords of the new Meatpacking district.

To 'celebrate' (they celebrate everything at Florent), Florent is throwing 5 dinners highlighting the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Last night was anger. Here's Flo and me in front of his joint:


The evenings feature performances from classic New Yorkers who exemplify each of the five stages. When we were waiting to go in, Jackie Hoffman was standing on the bar delivering a rage-filled soliloquy.




Jackie is a platinum classic; I first fell in love with her as she shared the stage in "Book of Liz" with Amy Sedaris. Then she stole the show in "Hairspray" and is currently appearing in "Xanadu". I love her. She tells me she watches everything we put out there on "the Bravo".

Florent is like a gayish version of Cheers, everybody knows your name and there's always good music playing. Who was at the table next to us but Runway alum Chris March. Running into him at the Rage dinner was perf.



I am looking forward to seeing Chris March and a ton of other Bravo alum at the A-List Awards. Here's Bruce and our beloved Darren. Darren is the cruise director of Florent; when the joint closes he will be a personal stylist 24/7.



Florent brought out the always hilarious David Rakoff, who did a rant about hating "Rent" that was freaking hilarious. He said that he heard 9/11 jokes in a shorter time than you were allowed to say that "Rent" sucked.



His "Rent" rant wove in the Marc Jacobs-ication of the village and the cupcake invasion under which we all live now.

Later, the Empress of the joint came out, stood on the bar, and sang an Alanis Morrisette song while spraying herself with ketchup.



It felt sad, sitting in that space on my 40th, saying goodbye to the era of Flo, where I have spent 18 years of my adult life. Will my 40's suck without Flo? I got a bunch of emails asking what I did for my 40th over the weekend. Had a blast is the answer. Lady Bunny helped me celebrate:




CAB REPORT: Taxi #8F77 is a minivan that echoes with the sounds of Singh Pavittar blabbing on his phone. I betcha Singh's earbud is always warm, that's how much he loves chit-chatting away on his phone! He had LOTS to say, and he seemed PISSED! 6th Avenue was a dream today.

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