Flipping Reunion

Flipping Reunion

Andy Cohen hosts the reunion show with Jeff and Zoila.

Not only is there a new "Million Dollar Listing" tonight, we've sweetened the Tuesday pot with a "Flipping Out" reunion (airs at 9 EST), shot last Tuesday at Ryan's house.

I think the show is pretty entertaining and revealing about who these folks really are. We go deep into the nannycam fallout, where Jenni is at today, what's up with Jeff's botox, why people poo on Jeff's property, Ryan's weird hairdo, and more.

Zoila is particularly amusing this evening and something great happened as a result of our conversation about the painting (of her) that Jeff gave her for her birthday. Zoila hates the painting, and Jeff suggested that he auction it off with all proceeds going directly to Zoila. Click HERE at 9 EST tonight to bid for the painting and put some coin in Z's purse! (I'm going to...)

Here is a particularly amusing moment with Zoila:

We got a lot of emails asking if Jeff and Jenni are playing to the cameras and putting us on. After spending all day and dinner with them, I will tell you that what you see is what you get. They are fun-ny. One thing that didn't make the final edit is a long chat we had about Chris Keslar. Jeff is pretty convinced that Chris's motives for joining his staff had more to do with wanting to be on the show than further his career in design. (SIDE NOTE: I hadn't realized until a couple weeks ago that Chris is the brother of "Runway" Season 3's Angela Keslar.)

Since I started hosting these reunions I have gotten many emails telling me how cross-eyed I am. Sometimes I notice and sometimes I guess I am too wonkey-eyed for it to register.

I will say that there are a couple times tonight where I guess I am looking at the tip of my nose.Yowsa. I guess I gots to fix it!

CAB REPORT: Samuel Restrepo has a dashboard full of stuffed animal fuzzies and whatnots to keep him company on Manhattan's lonely avenues. I was so smitten with Sam's spotless vehicle, heaps o' legroom, and lack of a divider between us, that I may send a thank-you-snoopy to good ole 4B47. What a ride! (FARE: $9.50 TIP: $2)

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