Flip It Out Tonight

Flip It Out Tonight

Andy wants you to watch tonight's emotional Flipping Out reunion.

Tonight is the "Flipping Out" reunion, and it is really something to see. It's funny and emotional. We taped 2 weeks ago, and it was the first time Ryan and Jeff had seen each other since the finale taping in June. It is raw, deep, and real - and it all plays out in front of the camera. I felt like a third wheel in the room, and, um, like I wanted to cry. We'll discuss more tomorrow.

Last night I went to the one-night-only benefit performance of "The Year of Magical Thinking" starring Vanessa Redgrave at St. John the Divine. The evening was intense and emotional for every reason you can imagine. Redgrave looked and was as stunning as the setting itself. We shmoozed with Dame Meryl Streep and Lynn Redgrave before the performance.

They don't make women like Streep and Redgrave anymore - you realize that, don't you? Who will take their place, Ashley Judd? (I have nothing against Ashley Judd - I like her - I just can't think of an example right now.)

After the play, there was a small party next door that was catered by Mario Batali. It goes without saying that his ziti was beyond the beyond! He probably doesn't even call it ziti, you know that?

When I got home, I checked my twitter and Dame Elizabeth Taylor was in a frenzy tweeting about the Michael Jackson movie "This is It." I love following Dame Taylor, and her tweets are few and far between, and usually have something do with how beautiful Kathy Ireland is (I know that's random). So anyway the Dame was a tweeting mess last night, fu-reaking out about the genius of Michael and the film. I am going to see it tonight and am psyched to see if the Dame is smoking mary jane laced with crack, smoking only mary jane, or simply smoking vogue cigarettes. (One of those options represents sanity.)

Have a great day!


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